Bright Dots on a Dark Background

    Bright dots on a dark background. That is what I see.
    As I lie down and look to the sky in the middle of the night
    White dots here, white dots there, white dots everywhere.
    Darkness in between.
    Some dots move. Satellites.
    Some dots stay in place. Stars.
    One dot goes shooting across the sky. A Meteor. If I blink I might miss it.
    It’s a little cold outside so I zip my sleeping bag up a little tighter.
    Staring up to see the sights, the Milky Way Galaxy flows from one end of the sky to the other.
    I can see the Big Dipper easily. The Little Dipper is harder to pick out but it’s there. The North Star is in its usual place. Sirius the star is off to the West, sparkling.
    My eyes are getting tired now, I can barely keep them open. It’s time to get some rest. I pull a hat over my head to keep warm, and curl up in my sleeping bag for a peaceful night’s rest camping under the stars.